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I Didn’t Know I was Queer (Ep. 26)

I Didn’t Know I was Queer (Ep. 26)

Aimee had a conservative upbringing in Taiwan, where gender roles were strictly enforced, both at home and school. It wasn’t until her early adulthood when she was living in the United States with her husband and child that she fully embraced her queer identity. In...

We’re a toddler now (Ep. 25)

We’re a toddler now (Ep. 25)

Editor-in-chief Aimee Sher discusses the new online platform, Diverging Magazine. Liz Lin gives a sneak peek into the upcoming PAAC Conference 2019.

Don’t high five, bro (Ep. 24)

In this episode, Chris, Liz, and David wade into the discussion of why the topic of Asian female / white male dating can be so heated and acrimonious, why even many progressive men still have some work to do to figure this out, and where we go from here.

Power Up! (Ep. 21)

Download this episode. Surprise! Lydia, Liz, and David are back for a one...

Serena Poon (Ep. 20)

Download this episode.Serena came out to her parents in her mid-twenties. At...

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