“Too much.”

“Not enough.”

“You don’t matter.”

These are the lies that I’ve internalized, that I’ve woven into every fiber of my being. I’m trying to untangle them now, and it’s a strange process. For the past few months, this has been my prayer.


I believe that each one of us is beautifully and wonderfully made in Your image. Each one of us is sacred, holy, and beautiful in your sight. 

Help me to believe that my body is sacred in your sight – and learn to love and honor the ways I am embodied in this life. 
May I seek a world where the bodies of my siblings and kinfolk are treasured, sacred, and holy.

Help me to believe that I, with all of my quirks, insecurities, and am allowed to take up space – that I don’t have to make myself smaller or less than to fit into someone else’s box. 
May I learn to hold space well, so that my siblings and kinfolk may thrive and exist fully.

Help me to believe that I am enough – that my worth is not tied to my productivity, of the value I bring to other people or corporations.
May I seek to honor my siblings and kinfolk because their very existence is sacred.

Liberating God – show me what it means to live fully,  in joy and freedom. Grant me a vision of the world that could and will be, where my siblings and kinfolk will all be free. May this world exist not just in our imagination, but be the reality we seek to live each day.


  • Violet Lee is part of the 2nd generation Chinese diaspora, and she is a massive nerd at heart. She can often be found drinking coffee, reading programming textbooks and liberation theology, and hosting dinner parties.