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Day 5 – Crucifixion in Our Present

I have this memory from my third grade Sunday school class. We were given a big, thick metal nail, and the story of Jesus’ crucifixion was recited, but this time with all its gory details–the blood, the nakedness, the suffocation, all of it. I guess my church had decided that third grade was the big moment to tell the children the real story of Jesus’ death.

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[Sneak Peek!]

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for accompanying PAAC through nearly 40 days of Lenten devotionals! We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and energy around Our Daily Rice. To continue the momentum, we’ve decided to launch a new...

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Women & Men (Ep. 10)

Download this episode. God is not a man. Jesus came to earth incarnate as a man. Meanwhile the Holy Spirit was said to personify the wisdom of God, represented in the Old Testament in the female form as Sophia. As mentioned last...

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