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Unsettling Asian American Theology

Decolonization is not a metaphor, Eve Tuck and Wayne Yang insist. Carelessly calling to decolonize things like schools and other such institutions metaphorizes decolonization. To do so kills the very possibility of decolonization and re-centers whiteness; it is yet another form of settler appropriation. What would it mean then to decolonize something like theology – and Asian American theology at that? I want to suggest that decolonizing Asian American theology requires giving up the search for physical belonging, replacing it with a theology of landlessness, and to be in solidarity with indigenous struggles for sovereignty.

PAAC Podcast


When God Wallops You On the Head (Ep. 40)

We continue our conversation with the illustrious Tuhina Verma Rasche. Tuhina tells us what persuaded her to enter seminary and stick with it (shout out Oakland!), how she became a South Asian female pastor at the historically...

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