As I Am


Anchors and Compasses

The precariousness of my career building made finding paid writing work a challenge. It felt like another anchor got broken off from the ship. The whole journey hit my self-esteem and sense of self really hard.

Living Justice


Navigating Jesus & Boundaries, Part I

Though this passage is attributed to Paul, it echoes the radical love we see preached by Jesus in everything attributed to Him in the Bible. We’re told to love unconditionally, to give everything and then everything again, to take hatred and turn it around by offering the other cheek.

PAAC Podcast


Whiteness is a Hell of a Drug (Ep. 39)

Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche deserves her own standup comedy special. Her humor is the perfect vehicle for communicating her wisdom on topics like decolonization and white supremacy. Tuhina is a second-generation Indian-American...

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